Friday, January 4, 2013

Tori's graduation party in pictures

My best friend (and "sister from another mister") had a little get-together to celebrate her last days as an undergrad and her impending graduation. It was a calm affair, with pot luck food, Pixar movie watching and friendship bracelet making. Pretty typical in the lives of my friends. Here are some photos...

When I arrived, Tori was making soup according to the rules of her paleo diet.

It looked yummy, but I could not partake for it had meat and I am vegetarian.

I did, however, enjoy the sight of some lovely oranges freshly picked from her garden.

And the view of her dining room table.

When the entire group had arrived, we set out our dishes, made up primarily of desserts.

Once we'd done eating, we picked colors of thread to make friendship bracelets.

Then we pretended we were ribbon dancers.

And prepared for the actual bracelet-making process.

Which went awry in some cases, and thus resulted in the reading of some trivia over the course of the evening.

And then Diana took a power nap and took photos of the ceiling. A fine cap to a fine night.

That was my night. Now I must end the evening as quickly as possible so I can get theproper amount of sleep before an early rise tomorrow. Wish me luck. Goodnight!

Actually, before I go, happy graduation Tori! I'm so proud of you. I still remember you leaving all of us behind in high school to start college early. It was a bittersweet moment. Now I see your progress, and I can only be glad that you made the decision to start college when you did. You're on your way to great things and I love you! Congratulations, my dear!

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