Friday, January 4, 2013

Kelly's unbirthday in pictures

Today is my last day in southern California for the rest of winter. It's been a nice opportunity to spend part of the season in warmth, but as of tomorrow I will be on my way to Chicago where it is unbelievably cold and properly wintry. For this last day in my home state, however, I got to spend sometime with friends. We were celebrating Kelly's birthday by having tea on her unbirthday. It was very cutesy, very fun and very filling. Here are some photos:

Before going into the specialty tea shop we talked a bit outside and looked at the window decorations.
Then we decided to make our way in because it was still a bit chilly outside.
We perused the gift shop, looking at all the available teas in jars...
And in bags.
And then we walked under a canopy into the tea room.
Where Kelly set at her birthday throne.
And we all had our own selection of teas in mismatched yet adorable cups.
The tea was accompanied by finger sandwiches and soup.
And a delicious scone with jam and Devonshire cream.
I'm glad to have been able to spend this last day in my hometown for the season with some of my favorite people. It may be a while until I have the chance again - especially since my friend Kristin will be going on her LDS mission in Germany for the next two years. But it was great to see most every this last time for the next few months. Back to Chicago for me!

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