Saturday, January 26, 2013

The recent past in pictures

Just because I'm no longer forcing myself to write a blog each night doesn't mean I have to stick to any strict style of blogging when I do sit down and put something on The Songs of Spring. One aspect of my life that I realized I've been neglecting sharing is my photographic life. I've been in a photojournalism class for the past few weeks and taken the opportunity to explore my campus, my friendships and other areas to get some insights into how best to use my camera.

Before this, shooting was a hobby (by shooting, I mean camera shooting. I don't condone hunting). I took my camera to random places with me so I could take enough photos either to fill up a blog entry, to add to Facebook or simply to enjoy looking back on.

Now I'm trying to perfect the skill a bit more. It's kind of scary, a bit intimidating - especially looking at all the wonderful photography that already exists in the world - but I'm loving every second of it. I never thought I could be so happy behind a camera, but I am.

Anyway, I figured I should share some of the work I've been doing because putting it only on a class Flickr account seems like a sad fate for all of my photos. So here goes nothing...

This photo was taken at an improv show on campus. I liked the vast array of shoes the performers were wearing.

The president of our university was commemorating the anniversary of our student center with cake. I decided to take a photo of the crowd rather than get in the middle of the other photographers when I snapped this picture. Also, no, I did not eat the cake! Sad.

This was my first time shooting a theater production. I really enjoyed myself.

It was a performance of Rebel Without a Cause.

I'd also never shot sports before, but with these guys' permission I took a few photos of them playing basketball.

Taking photos of people floating in the air is fun.

I know I've shared photos like this before, but my campus is very pretty.

I bothered my friend Dana while she was working in her room, and I took this photo of her Mac and her iPad side by side.

Then I got a picture of her cute piggie slippers :)
There's nothing particularly fascinating or compelling about these photos. They're just regular depictions of things happening around my school for the most part. They're in no way extraordinary. But they were fun to take. I'm really liking having the chance to be a photographer. Even though I may never break into the world of picture-taking, it's nice to get a little taste of it.

Maybe this will inspire you to try taking photos more often. If not, then I hope at least you enjoyed it. And I can say quite honestly that it's making me want to take more photos. As many as I can.

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