The Author

My name is Rachel and I'm a part-time writer, part-time creator, full-time nerd. I dabble in all sorts of artistic endeavors, and find myself constantly scattering my work all over the internet. I created The Songs of Spring so that I'd have a place to share my personal thoughts. It is a blog, but it also subs in as a journal. I'm so happy that I get to share it with you.

The Blog

The Songs of Spring is a blog for exploring new ideas. It began in January 2012 - when I was a sophomore in college - as an online journal which I wrote in for 365 days straight. The blog primarily features personal writings, fiction and critical essays, but will continue to expand beyond its initial purpose, covering topics all across the spectrum - from entertainment to lifestyle to social issues and more. Perhaps you may even find the odd fiction or poetic piece.

The Name

I explained it best in my YouTube video titled "Small YouTuber Tag". However, in short, The Songs of Spring is an excerpt from the John Keats poem "To Autumn" - my favorite of the Romantic poet's writings. When I began writing this blog, I was in an "autumn" of my life - leaves were falling and one of life's many transitions was fully underway. This blog served as a light in all of the darkness, a spring to my autumn, reminding me that even the darkest times have their bright moments.