Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pizza chefs in pictures

This is a story about three friends who came together on a Friday night to make pizza and watch the top notch Mary-Kate & Ashley film, Winning London. It's not a particularly enthralling story, or a particularly dubious one, but it is filled with laughter and yummy food. So hopefully you will enjoy.

We have a game where when we open our door to whoever is outside, we take an awkward picture of them. Diana wasn't prepared even though I was the one outside the door.

Say Yes to the Dress was on TV, but before we sat down to watch, we set out flour so that we could...

Let the dough set for a few minutes. Looks tasty, no?

Yeah, I was lying. But it will look more delicious when it's in the shape of a pizza.

As the dough was setting, we waited for Kelly's arrival. When she came, she was greeted at the door with a surprise photo in the dark.

Together, Kelly and I had salads. Diana complained about having eaten non-stop all day. We could not say the same of ourselves.

The dough had set and it was time to roll it out. The instructions suggest either using a rolling pin or your hands. Of course we chose hands.

With one goopy ball (technical term) of whole wheat dough and another of a dough filled with herbs, we proceeded to smush them into whatever shapes we could (with little preference for circles).

We added sauce and cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil, and set the oven to 450 degrees.

And we put our little triangle baby into the oven. That sounds strange. If you replace 'baby' with 'pizza' it makes more sense.

Kelly managed to make her pizza into a trapezoid. And so the second round of our geometric dinner entered the oven.
Soon enough (after about 10 false alarms and 30 minutes of Winning London), our pizzas were ready. We feasted for minutes, making "mmm" sounds and dancing without even realizing it.
Our night wasn't crazy. We ended up dispersing before midnight (once the Mary-Kate & Ashley festivities had ceased). But we had more fun than a lot of people have staying out all night. And we ate good food too.

This is what summer is all about. I hope yours is happy too.


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