Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baby obsession in pictures

Much like yesterday, I spent a lot of my day thinking about how despite wanting to write a blog, I needed time off to relax and just stop thinking. Since I'm going into work extra early tomorrow (on a Sunday, gasp) for a photoshoot that I'll be assisting on, I thought I might as well document my day's activities (in other words babysitting my niece) in photos rather than try to make some philosophical inquiry tonight. My brain just can't handle it and I want to sleep.

But this is an incredibly cute baby, so you should actually be pleased I chose to share her instead of my thoughts.

The easiest way to distract her for long periods of time.

As Leona the kitty looks on in mocking serenity.

But TV won't suffice for long, so before she leaves, Mommy (my sister, Emily) does what SySy loves best - she claps.

SySy helping my dad play kitty piano.

Then she reads - or flips pages.

More book reading.

Then it's peanut butter and jelly time.

And time for some lame "artsy" pictures of toys.

More lame "artsy" pictures of toys.
But we're really here to see this adorable little one, aren't we?

Hopefully you enjoyed this little insight into my niece's world. She's not half as adorable in photos as she is in person, but I'm sure you can just imagine what kind of craziness ensued while babysitting her. Goodnight and thank you for not chopping my head off for being a lazy bum of a writer.

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