Saturday, July 14, 2012

Movie night in pictures

I have a cool set of friends. We've made some kind of informal resolution to hang out with each other at least once a week this summer if time permits and if we're not sick. Though it hasn't been consistent for everyone and we still need to work out the plans on a weekly basis, It's been fun knowing every weekend will be equipped with something to look forward to. This week it was gathering, like old times, around a television to watch a random movie.

The movie we watched was Peter Seller's farcical comedy The Party. It centers around an Indian man who goes from being an actor to destroying a key set piece and being booted off the set and out of the film industry in general. But as a last hurrah he shows up at a fancy party with the very filmmakers who fired him and tried to ruin his career. As would be expected, chaos ensues...just as it did during our movie night. To a lesser extent, of course.

Hey Kristin, I haven't seen you in more than a week! Here's a surprise picture for your pleasure. I'm sorry about the double chin :( I capture awkward moments.

You know who I don't unwittingly photograph with a double chin? One of the three cute dogs we had the pleasure of hanging out with this evening.

Diana's chocolate chip pancakes also don't have double chins. But they might give us double chins.

More surprise pictures (this one of Eileen) that are easily posed for make for a fun start to the night.

No one was as visibly excited to watch a movie as Kelly.

By 10, we had switched viewing locations, but we were already about halfway through the movie The Party.

Our new spot had cozy chairs and blankets.

And a flat screen TV that Kristin could only see from the level of the floor, apparently.

Then I took a stupid picture of all of our legs and various body parts that I could fit into the frame.

And I also took photos of the various remotes, because clearly this wasn't a subject that had much to photograph.

But the most important aspect was the friends gathered around the television watching a movie with slight racism and a lot of laughs. Except for Kristin who was out of this shot, but still in my heart.
So there you are. Not a particularly fascinating set of pictures, but a reflection of a typical weekend night for me not only nowadays, but also back in high school and even middle school to some extent.

I'm glad I got to share. And relieved to have exempted myself from writing a ton tonight. So sleepy.

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