Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yo ho, yo ho! An intern's life for me

Impressed they knew to equip me with a Disney-themed pencil mug.
It's 10 o'clock on a school night. No, 10 o'clock on a worknight.

I'm in bed and my eyelids are droopy. I'm not that tired, but the feeling of fulfilling my couch potato role now that I've returned from my first day of interning makes me want to go to sleep more than I've ever wanted to do anything in my life.

But because I'm a lunatic, I feel this unconquerable commitment to writing this blog. Who cares who reads it? Or how many people read it? Or what value it has in the world? The only thing it means to me now is an honor I'm making to myself. For some reason I can't stop writing because it just feels wrong. More than 150 days of this has made The Songs of Spring absolutely a part of me.

So I'm staying up late just for you, my dear blog. But because I also came home 30 minutes late because I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a birthday cake for my dad; and because I watched The Bachelorette instead of blogging for the past hour and a half; and because I'm a lazy person, I'm just going to walk you through my day.

To be honest, there's not much to tell. But it was still pretty awesome.

6 AM - Alarm goes off. Start crying to myself about the amount of sleep I've gotten (somewhere around six hours). Wake up anyway. Spend a few minutes on the internet via my phone. Bad choices.

7 AM - Start freaking out because I'm not ready to leave despite promising myself I'd be out of the house by this time.

7:15 AM - Leave the house and drive to the freeway. Get stopped by at least three or four traffic lights along the way. Freak out some more.

7:45 AM - Get stuck in traffic. Start calling up my dad frantically so he can update me by staring at SigAlert until 8 AM.

8:40 AM - Speed like a madman through the last leg of my journey and still only get to the parking structure at...

8:50 AM - The floor that I was told to park on in the structure is closed. I see another intern and ask where he parked. Sixth floor. Thank God.

9:05 AM - Arrive late to orientation. Everyone is already seated, but I don't feel so bad about my tardiness. Damned traffic.

10:30-ish AM - Hello all you other interns. I'm going to remember all of your names. Nevermind, one second has passed and I no longer remember any of your names. I'll just call you all by the spirit animal you listed during the "get to know you" part of our orientation. Funny, since half of you chose "dog." Hello dogs.

11:00-ish AM - It's kind of weird that this orientation conference room has two TVs. It's like they're offering us the choice of whether to learn about sexual harassment in the workplace or watch Drew Carey host The Price is Right.

12:15 PM - Forgot to write down my license plate number. While everyone else gets ID badges, I'm running to my car on the sixth floor of the parking structure and sweating in the California sun. Oh yes.

12:45 PM - Finally arrive at my actual place of internship. The photo department at CBS.

12:55 PM - Hello all you photo department employees. I'm going to remember all of your names. Now I'll use mnemonic devices so I don't make the same mistake I did at orientation. Nevermind, one second has passed and your names have all been permanently wiped from my memory.

1:30 PM - Sit down to watch some pilots from the upcoming season at CBS. This is the life. I think in the past I've actually said that I want a job where I can watch TV all day. Have I finally found it?

2 PM - Realize that I haven't eaten since the very stinky poppy seed and onion bagel I had at orientation. Stomach grumbles. Eat lunch with fellow intern from a different department. Talk about boys. Beginning of a wonderful friendship.

2:30 PM - Sit down to watch more pilots.

3 PM - Get disturbed by the voice that has been programmed into my Mac to say "It's three o'clock." I can read the time, I don't need Stephen Hawking telling me what my clock says.

3:30 PM - Watch more pilots.

4 PM - Talk to my supervisor about what my duties are around the office. Watching TV? No? Dangit. But, actually, my responsibilities do sound pretty cool. But I will tell you about them in a different entry on a day that I don't just...

4:30 PM - Watch more pilots.

5 PM - Go into supervisor's office. Have him tell me my job is done for the day. My regular hours will be nine to five.

5:15 PM - Practically drown myself in my own tears because it takes so long to drive out of the parking structure.

5:25 PM - Get on the freeway again...

5:26 PM - Freeway turns into a parking lot.

6 PM - Freeway's still a parking lot.

6:45 PM - Maybe if I go 85 mph for the rest of my journey, I can make up for lost time.

7 PM - Could be home. Instead I'm at Vons getting a cake for my papa.

7:30 PM - Get home. Shower. Prepare to watch The Bachelorette (curse you, Dana! I used to have taste.)

8:30 PM - Time my dad's arrival home with the exact moment I light the candles on his birthday cake.

Which reminds me, everyone should read my blog from yesterday because it's so much more important to me than this one. It's for my daddy.

Happy birthday, Daddy!

It all started with an alarm. And it ended with chocolate cake. Which I'm going to have a bite of now.

Goodnight, see you tomorrow. But really. Nothing can stop my blogging.

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