Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Studio Tour in pictures

I've written quite a bit about my internship over the past week and a half. When you do something full-time and factor in four hours of travel time in addition to the eight hour work days, then you're bound to be inspired. And not always positively. What I don't think I've conveyed quite so well is what an amazing opportunity it is to be working on a studio lot, one that I visited a few years ago as a nerd and to audition for a Disney Channel show (you didn't know about my sordid past, did you? Now you do).

Today, I got to explore the CBS Studio Center Lot more than I've ever done before. I work here every day, but I'm never quite able to see all it has to offer. That changed this afternoon.

I work in the building on the left. Next door is CSI: NY. I had no idea until today, but I am certainly impressed.

This is the Broadcast Center where the news station is located. And where all the golf carts socialize.

My desk has a Beauty and the Beast mug. My work is overseen by a large photo of the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

This is our tour guide on New York Street. Sponsors buy out store fronts on the outdoor set.

All of our streets are named after famous shows or people. MTM Enterprises filmed most of their shows on the lot.

Apparently I ate lunch yesterday at the table on the porch of the According to Jim house.

A mini-Central Park that was used on Seinfeld. Trivia: there's also a mini-Central Park at Warner Bros. Studios, where they filmed Friends.

I don't watch CSI: NY, but I got to hang out on the set. Sorry for violating the sanctity of your office, Detective Mac Taylor.

This was taken somewhere in the CSI: NY stage. I was trying to be artsy even though I don't understand my subject.

All that's left of the lagoon where Gilligan's Island "took place."

I went to Pawnee. I was prohibited from taking photos. I'm sorry. But I hung out in Ron Swanson's office. I don't know if that means anything to anyone.
So no matter how much I complain about the drives or about how nothing is 100 percent perfect, I can't begin to express my excitement at getting to drive into work at a studio five days a week. Every day I'm working in an environment just inches away from hundreds of fascinating people. Sometimes those people are big names as well (i.e. I saw John Legend on the set of Duets today, just sayin').

This is the kind of experience I might pay money for. To tour a studio lot and get to sit in on a rehearsal for a TV show is something a lot of us only dream of. But instead I'm paid to go into CBS Studio Center every day. And I'm offered a tour at no cost. I'm even encouraged to take the opportunity.

I have no right to complain. Just look at these photos.

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