Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paris and Disneyland in pictures

I don't have much time for you at the moment. I don't want to make this a regular occurrence because I really love having you in my life and feel that your presence is necessary to keep me happy and healthy and wise. This is why I write in you every day - to be sure that I stay sane every day and keep reflecting on everything that has happened to me over the past several months (and a year coming up this January).

But today I'm going to just show you some photos. It's been a while since I've included any and since I miss equipping you with entertainment from all mediums of expression, I'm rectifying the error. I hope you will enjoy this even though it's less insightful than other writings. These are some snapshots from my trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris last weekend.

At the last minute (on the train at 5:40 am), I changed my plans to go to Le Marais first and instead stopped by the Champs-Élysées for a nice holiday market.

Everything in Paris was white and idyllic on this gorgeous morning. I could barely believe I was in a real place. It felt like a winter wonderland.

Eventually I made my way through the city to Le Marais and stopped at a bakery for some nosh.

But by the evening I was with my friend Dana at the Disneyland Resort Paris. We had some Earl of Sandwich and admired the scenery near the Disney Village (the equivalent of Disneyland's Downtown Disney District).

Then we explored some of the other hotels and saw this at the Disneyland Hotel along with a few suited characters out taking photos with children. Why am I not a child?

The next morning we got our first glimpse of the parks during Extra Magic Hours. These were the holiday decorations leading to Sleeping Beauty Castle when there were barely any people in the park. So lovely.

And the castle set against the morning sky, again pretty much an empty Disneyland.

And some adorable Minnie and Mickey Mouse snowmen.

During the Extra Magic Hours we went on the Dumbo Ride as well as Peter Pan and It's a Small World. And over the course of the day we managed to get on most of the rides we'd planned to pursue. In about 15 hours, we made some major successes.

A view from Haunted Mansion (called Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris) of Frontierland.

We eventually switched parks and spent some time at the Walt Disney Studios Park. There we found a Singin' in the Rain reference and I looked silly.

We also found a High School Musical and Pirates of the Caribbean-themed restaurant where I saw these cute Mickey Mouse highchairs.

Then we made our way back into the Disneyland Paris park for the rest of the day.

And went through an Alice in Wonderland maze/labyrinth, among other things.

But Disney came to an end all too soon and the next day I was wandering around Paris again. I went to Montmartre which was crazy busy on a Sunday afternoon.

Then I climbed many many steps to the Cathedral de Sacre-Coeur.

It was worth it just to watch these people I didn't know being cheesy for a photo they didn't even know was being taken (I'm a creep, but you already knew that).

And I capped the day off by going to Café des 2 Moulins in Montmartre where Amelie works in the movie titled after her. I had some creme-brulée there and I cracked it. Seemed appropriate.
So that is the end of my photo post. There's nothing much to say except Paris was beautiful, Disneyland Paris was exquisite, seeing Dana was a treat and getting to be away for the weekend with nothing but beautiful things planned was a luxury. I can't wait for the few weeks I have back in London, but I lament at the loss of such a great few days. Oh well, more wonderful experiences to come, I'm sure.

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