Friday, November 23, 2012

Disneytime Paris-Style

Today has been long and treacherous. I've walked through gravel and sandy pathways in parks, on slippery ground and in many many hotel lobbies. And it's not even the end of the walking just yet.

My day has been all over the map. And by that I mean literally all over a book of maps that I purchased which helped me navigate around Paris as best I could. Only a few wrong turns here or there and I've made it to the Disneyland Resort. And despite arriving prior to Dana and having to wait for about 15 or 20 minutes for her arrival, there have been few to no hitches.

Unless you count having the lights magically turn off on their own as a hitch. I called it a ghost. I still call it a ghost. I hope it wasn't a ghost.

Anyway, since a lot happened in a short amount of time today I'm just going to spend the rest of this blog post telling you piece for piece the various experiences of my day.

As you know (or as you know if you read my blog last night), I had to go to bed early to be up by 3:30 am. I got up accordingly, managed to have breakfast and finish finalizing my packing. Walked out the door and...

I forgot my toothbrush.

But I had to keep moving. When I got to St. Pancras train station I found my way to the Eurostar terminal quickly and efficiently. Other than the security scanner who asked me why I travel with a wooden duck (my umbrella, Ralphina), I managed to get through without being suspected of terrorism or snowglobe-hoarding. So good going me.

On the train I was sat in a nearly empty car, but had the pleasure of sitting next to a man who refused to move to one of the many open seats available to him even once we'd passed Calais. Perhaps this would've been construed as a rude move, but in his position I probably would've asked if it was okay and moved away so I could stretch out on a two-seater. But I guess I just have no respect for social norms.

Anyway, after getting off the train, I got to the Champs-Elysées by about 10 am and wandered around looking at the Christmas market that had been set up there. With the white-painted wooden stalls that lined the street and the pale gloomy sky that surrounded them, it almost felt like walking in a winter wonderland. There were no actual icicles or snow around, but there was an ice rink with strange animatronic animals.

From there I walked onto the Place de la Concord and through the Jarden des Tuileries.

 It was a beautiful day despite the rain, but I figured I'd not waste time and took the Metro to Le Marais where I got some food at a Jewish bakery and walked toward Ile St.-Louis. All the quaint shopping did me in, but I reasoned that I wouldn't buy anything until I got to Disneyland.

And a few hours later, I arrived at the Disneyland Paris Resort. There I met up with Dana and we took a moment to appreciate the pleasures of our Disney Resort Bambi-themed hotel room. We went into every single Disney-themed shop (there are many) in Disney Village (the Downtown Disney of Disneyland paris).

We bought things. We questioned buying things. We looked at expensive food items. We purchased expensive food items.

And now we retire.

Because today was just the rehearsal.

Tonight during dinner we whipped out a Disneyland Paris Resort map. On it we labeled the rides according to our preference. Which to definitely go on. Which were expendable.

We came up with a coding system. Stars counted for the most important rides. Hearts represented those where one of us had a penchant for it but the other was indifferent. Peace signs were placed next to those that we didn't feel ridiculously enthusiastic for, but still wanted to go on. And finally, question marks went next to promising prospective rides that we wouldn't be disappointed if we missed.

Then there were the two or three we left out for whatever reason.

Tomorrow is the day we meet every goal on that list. That is the day to look forward to. That is why we're here. That is why we're going to bed early. That is why I must end this blog sooner rather than later.

So sooner it is.

Goodnight, bonne nuit. Have a lovely evening, À demain, mes amis.

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