Friday, January 24, 2014

A Thursday in the life: Take 2

A long long time ago I wrote a blog entitled "A Thursday in the Life." I only composed it because I had no idea what to write that day. At the time I was a month into my 365 day blogging commitment, and I had grown so used to the daily ramblings that I felt compelled to stay true to it even when I felt uninspired.

Well, today I have a different tale to tell. I am inspired, indeed, but I have no commitment. However, I feel compelled just the same to share something within this space. So here it goes. A Thursday in the Life Take 2.

6:00 AM - Alarm goes off for the first time. I know the routine. I've set it to warn myself that in 30 minutes I will have to ascend into wakefulness. But for the next half an hour I can lie in bed and drift off into semi-coherent drowsiness.

6:30 AM - The dreaded alarm goes off its second time. My preferred schedule would have me up at 7:15 at the earliest, but I consent to waking up earlier knowing that the time I have to relax in the morning before heading off to work the day away is absolutely indispensable.

7:05 AM - It hits me, after being up for 30 minutes, that I am actually going to have to get out of my pajamas.

7:35 AM - I'm still in my pajamas, and I wearily leave behind my burrito blanket on the couch, knowing I have no choice but to find an outfit for the day.

7:45 AM - Call dad before I leave for work. One of the few nice parts of my day.

7:55 AM - Exiting the door to my apartment, I notice that - yet again - I haven't worn the appropriate number of layers. It may look like Southern California outside, but this is Northern California. You can count on seeing your breath in the cold morning air.

8:07 AM - Wasn't my train supposed to have arrived by now? I think to myself. Yes, but the Caltrain system seems to have no respect for punctuality or technological innovation, so I'm sat waiting for an extra 2 to 7 minutes.

8:15 AM - How is every seat on this train taken? Should I ask that guy with his backpack on the aisle seat to stop being a cotton-headed ninnymuggins?

8:30 AM - I'm late to work yet again. How about I walk at twice the pace to get to the office more quickly? Only if I want to sprain my calf muscles. Okay, nevermind, late it is.

8:55 AM - Hot chocolate break.

8:58 AM - Burnt my tongue. Ice water break.

9:00 AM - Tongue feels better. Hot chocolate break again.

9:30 AM - I'm a fact-checking intern so I should be on the phone right now. But I can do some internet research before I make the call, right?

11:00 AM - Still avoiding the phone.

12:00 PM - Makes first phone call after doing hours of internet research. Success.

12:30 PM - Wow, those phone calls were easy peasy. Everyone is so nice. I shouldn't fear the phone so much.

12:31 PM - Talks to an angry source who wants nothing to do with me and is pissed off no matter how I phrase questions.

12:32 PM - I'm so done with making phone calls. Email it is.

12:33 PM - Why does no one have an email address with their contact info? Is this 1998?

1:00 PM - Lunch time. Trader Joe's microwaveable meal. It does not get better than this.

1:30 PM - Maybe I can have another hot chocolate break before I go back to my desk?

2:00 PM - Reluctantly pick up the phone again, but then I make a call and am met with kindness. Faith in humanity: restored.

4:00 PM - Time has flown and I finally look at the clock only to realize I have just an hour left of work for the day.

5:00 PM - Goodbye, office! Must catch the next Caltrain at 5:16. Surely, it will be late...

5:15 PM - Approaches Caltrain station: Train leaves before 5:16. FML.

5:24 PM - Train is supposed to be approaching...

5:24:30 PM - Train is 3 minutes late.

5:27 PM - Train is 4 minutes late.

5:28 PM - Train is 7 minutes late.

5:28:30 PM - Train arrives. IDK, don't ask.

5:59 PM - Arrive home, look at clock, decide I have hours before I need to think about reality. Watch YouTube videos.

7:00 PM - I haven't had dinner and I'm still watching YouTube videos. I might find this embarrassing, but YouTube videos are one of the most underrated and valuable forms of entertainment that I believe exist today. They are incredibly creative, often very intelligent and thought-provoking, and always good for an end-of-day-wind-down.

7:30 PM - Resorts to making macaroni and cheese for dinner because I am an adult.

8:00 PM - Falls asleep on couch watching this week's episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

9:00 PM - Wakes up and feels the incredible urge to write a blog even though nothing interesting happens on a typical day of my life right now.

9:30 PM - Can I go to bed yet? No, you're writing a blog.

9:55 PM - Gives Dad a call to say goodnight. Another nice part of the day.

10:00 PM - Goodnight, Moon. See you again, tomorrow. Same time, same place.

So that's it. Unsurprisingly, work life is even less exhilarating than college life (the subject of the last Thursday in the Life blog). Still, it's nice to think that in a few months or years, I can look back on this and remember what it was like to live a day in my life in the beginning of 2014. It may not be the most exciting read, the most exciting day-to-day experience, but it's part of who I am.

We are the sum of our experiences, right? And if this little blip in my timeline is going to take me onto something way greater - and let's face it, there's definitely room for improvement - well then, why shouldn't I document it?

Goodnight, Moon. Goodnight, people. Goodnight until tomorrow.

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