Sunday, September 2, 2012

LA Zoo in pictures

There are a few things that I really enjoyed as a kid that I had to give up over time. While many of my favorite pastimes don't fall under this category, one that most assuredly does is going to the zoo. So somehow, when trying to figure out what to do this weekend, I convinced my dad that it would be fun to spend Saturday at the Los Angeles Zoo. We rose early, drove speedily, parked efficiently and made it into the zoo early enough in the morning that when we left at midday we felt we'd seen all that there was to see. And it was a grand ol' time.

Arriving at the entrance, there was already a line at 10 am.

Once in, my dad consults a map...this tool would do us little service throughout the day since it was so wackadoodle.

We passed by some dinosaurs - I mean dinosaur statues - on the way to see the animals.

Then we caught a glimpse of a few flamingos and marveled at their super thin legs.

In the reptile room (not the actual name and thus not a reference to A Series of Unfortunate Events), we encountered a green tree python.

But we soon moved onto the giraffes. Who have eyelashes! I never realized that because I'm unobservant.

Moving onto the rhinoceroses.

And a lone butterfly who was not part of the zoo, but who decided to fly around me and make me happy.

And then came the pairs of animals. First the tigers...

Then two pairs of painted elephant statues...

Then two zebras standing side by side.
All in all, a pretty wonderful day at the zoo. Save for the unbearable heat once lunch time rolled around, it was an ideal experience. We started early, we saw much of what we came for (except for the lions who went into hiding to spite us for), we talked a lot along the way and, on a personal note, I was able to rekindle some great memories from childhood of visiting the LA Zoo. So no complaints today, no analysis. Just fun.

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