Friday, August 24, 2012

My grandparents' stuff in pictures

For those who do know and for those who don't know (and for those who care and for thoese who could care less), I'm in Florida at the moment. And since I'm in Florida visiting my grandparents, which usually means doing little other than visiting Publix (a grocery store) and the library (you have these where you live too, I think). So I get bored. Really bored, sometimes.

But today I decided to take some lame observational photos around their house. I literally have nothing else to do. Except watch the newest film in the Twilight saga, but every time I sit down to watch it I get interrupted. So yeah, here are my photos from around my grandparents' house -- mainly in the den where I sleep when I'm here.

My grandpa plays, as he put it, the fiddle. This is his fiddle. It only has one string at the moment.

Our whole family loves The Beatles. It's the only "modern" music my grandpa tolerates.

This is Charlie, the pillow pet/adorable monkey.

And this is a photo of my great grandparents, my paternal maternal (dad's mom's parents) grandparents.

Followed by goldfish crackers and popcorn in a bag.

My grandparents have a pretty large collection of VHS tapes with old movies. My dad is now supplementing it with classics on DVD.

And I don't actually know why we have one of these.

Or why there are Christmas decorations out in a Jewish home in August.

I'm also not sure why my grandparents love decorating their living room with Asian baubles.

Also. here's a photo of my friend Erin when we went out to lunch today!
So basically no rhyme or reason to this post at all. I needed an excuse to not have to write anything tonight because I'm sleepy and I want to watch the end of Breaking Dawn: Part I. I have so much class. But you can respect that reasoning, right? Good. And good night!

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