Friday, February 24, 2012

A Thursday in the life

Because I'm lazy, tired and it's officially past 1 am on Friday, I feel it is my duty to treat myself kindly and compose a blog post that is short and concise enough that I can crank it out without wasting time I should be spending preparing for bed. Here it goes:

Since I started writing this blog/journal/whatever it is, I've grown pretty ridiculously attached to it. Every night before it's too late (or sometimes after it's already too late and I'm just feeling extra pressure), I try to think of some huge topic that I can comment on in my blog. It's like an informal New Year's Resolution for me. I needed structure and I needed an outlet, and I've given it to myself in the form of a daily rambling blog that I hope can come off as slightly insightful.

But one thing I've set out from the beginning to is to avoid writing a blog about my day. "Who cares what I do every day?," I thought.

I still think that. My life at school is not tremendously exciting. If I wrote about it once a week, you can be sure that every week I would probably repeat the posts of the week before, tweaking to include due dates for assignments and the different plays I see on weekends.

But right now I'm going to change it up. I will tell you about my day. My Thursday. Just this once (unless I find myself deprived of time in the future and feel like detailing another day of my week). Rest assured it is simply out of necessity.

7:15 AM - Alarm goes off and I'm ready to start the day - in five minutes. I turn on my television and my lamp, lighting my room in a bright yellow tint that refuses to let me fall back into REM sleep.

7:45 AM - Off to the dining hall for breakfast, I listen to "Mamma Mia!," grooving to the beat and carefully checking my peripheral vision to make sure no one is around to see me lip syncing.

8:30 AM - Call my dad. This is a daily routine, much like the 7:15 AM wake-up. Today was unusual because my dad had been awake for a couple of hours, but usually this is his morning wake-up call in which he's so drowsy that he inevitably erases any bright-eyed vigor I had after having breakfast and turns me back into a sleep-deprived zombie.

9:30 AM - After dilly-dallying around my room for an hour, I've arrived at my first class where I sit half asleep, half daydreaming while my professor talks about the method of production of alcoholic beverages (I'm Miss Sober USA, so this does not interest me as much as it does everyone else in my class). I'm in a sleepy stupor and therefore retain no information, but manage to type it all up and search "absinthe" on Google Images like the good student I am.

12:20 PM - By now I've been through two classes and I'm on my way to lunch. Instead of "Mamma Mia!," I've turned to Michael Bublé to fill my daily quota of tenor crooning. Couldn't live without it.

1:00 PM - After lunch I rush to class with my friend Susan and we enjoy two more hours of education while I proceed to pinch myself to refrain from falling asleep after only getting five hours of complete rest last night.

3:00 PM - Off from class for the day, I relax in my room like a bed (if I only had a couch) potato, keeping my eyes peeled (get it?) and focused on the computer. Despite nothing interesting happening on the internet, I'm captivated. This is not an unusual problem.

6:00 PM - I've managed to waste three hours of time and now I'm off to dinner. A burrito and stale vegan chocolate cake. This is dining at its finest.

8:00 PM - Watching The Office, I prepare to write a scathing (actually quite complimentary) review of tonight's episode. But in my heart I consider how much I'd rather be watching and critiquing 30 Rock.

10:00 PM - I attend a skit and improv comedy show with friends, dance like a fool and write a weird quote on paper. Hours of laughter funnel into an evening of calm and wasted time.

12:00 AM - Serious conversation time with Dana degenerates into "omg he's so cute" time with Dana. We digress. We squeal like chipmunks eating puppy chow.

1:28 AM - I finally finish writing this blog. Somehow the account of my day is wrapped up quite neatly and I feel like a failure for having such an uneventful life that it can be summarized in the form of a list of a dozen designated times with short, uninteresting blurbs attached to each one. What has life become?

I hope the inevitable boredom that reading this has caused you leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. Where my life outside of my writings is mundane and repetitive, perhaps you live one of excitement and adventure (of danger lurking around every corner).

Even when I'm lazy, I feel the necessity of sticking to my goals. This blog is my goal. My words may not always be fascinating, but they'll always serve some purpose for me - if only to reinforce my own impulse to share even when there is nothing to share.

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